The Living Years

After spending 2011 shooting landscapes using an Infrared modified Canon DSLR camera, I decided to spend 2012 exploring an even lesser understood genre of the IR process, Portraits.

As there isn’t a vast amount of information on shooting portraits in the Infrared spectrum, myself and stylist/choreographer Leda Wright collaborated on this project so as to make full use of all aspects of the process, to create images that spoke without words.

The journey for us was a new, educational and beautiful one. The visual differences between organic and synthetic substances through the IR spectrum are immense and therefore we had to rethink most of our preconceived compositions and ideas in order for the images to portray the message we had intended. From fabrics like linen, toule and silk to skin, metal, rock, bark, leather, water and sand – the effects are quite often ethereal.

We worked with various locations, fabrics and styles in order to be a collection of portraits of ordinary people in a range of daily rituals that range from regular and accepted to those that are a little more exaggerated and perhaps staged. I believe that audience members will all connect with each image in a variety of ways and it is this range of underlying emotions that I am hoping audience members will leave with.

The Infrared process itself is one that removes quite a large amount of ordinary photographic process and invites both the photographer and the audience to see the world in a way that we do not with the naked eye.