Sundara (सुन्दर) is a Sanskrit term meaning “beautiful, lovely”

The human form, in its many shapes and sizes really begun to fascinate me a few years ago. I had a few friends that had really delved deeply into various forms of physical expression and the results were incredible. Their changing physiques were one part of it, but it was their mental strength that fascinated me. I began to document these changes to shake up the stereotype of what attractive/sexy/strong is.

For the most part I wanted the world to stop for a second and look at the human body as a temple and not as an object.

From there we started dreaming up all kinds of crazy locations to shoot in, from back alleys to beautiful bathrooms in expensive restaurants. Cape Town really has the most incredible spaces and it became sort of a game to find the craziest place to shoot the craziest move.

Thanks to my amazing friends for being so willing to be a part of this crazy project

Nathalie Larsen || Leda Wright || Will Lindeque