About Me


Cape Town based Photographer and Visual Content Producer

I am absolutely fascinated by every avenue/genre of photography.

I learnt a lot of what I know by breaking down and rebuilding every camera I could find, the result being an intimate grasp of the medium as well as a bold affinity for experiment. I believe I move effortlessly between the creative and collaborative nature of editorial work; the specific, informative nature of product shoots; the emotive and personal nature of working with animals and the unpredictable and exciting nature of infrared photography.

My approach to my subject, however, is firmly based in the real. I believes that the shot is not always about you as the photographer – you have to try and capture the subject’s truth, even if it’s not your own.


 I look forward to working with you.

Clients:  BLOK Konnect, Cash Crusaders, Spree.co.za, UberEats, Spiritgirl Activewear, G-Loves South Africa, Lorna Jane Activewear, Inner Secrets Lingerie, Bruce Chung Yoga, Siren Polewear/Duo Aquaterra
Industry:  Portraits, Product, Lifestyle